Garbage cabled- truck with hoppers

Technical Specification of garbage cabled- truck with hoppers


1- Equipped with box for discharging waste and airing valve and sweep and paddle systems

2- Equipped with discharge shovel and its movement by using folding jacks

3- Possibility to discharge wastes by garbage collection mini trucks

4- Possibility to omit fixed platform for collecting wastes

5- Hydraulic system performance by using manual and electric valves

6- Balance jacks and height adjustment equipment

7- Hydraulic system made of best equipment and facilities

8- Equipped with safety facilities, rotation lamps, projectors, camera, monitor…

9- Painting by using the best type of dry air paint

Technical specifications:

1- Highest length:

2- During loading and working without trailer: 17335mm

3- In situation without trailer: 14358mm

4- With trailer: 18463mm

5- Highest width of  facilities: 2596mm

6- Tallest height of facilities:  4500mm

7- Volume of garbage tank: 50 cubic meters

8- Lateral engine: Perkins 4 cylinders

9- Hydraulic pump: with two-floor blades

10- Tank of hydraulic oil tank: 300 Ltr.

10- Volume of waste juice tank: 600 Ltr.

11- Volume of gasoline tank of side engines: 100 Liter.

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