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Waste Compactor

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Waste Compactor

 Waste CompactorTechnical Specification of garbage truck mountable on 14 to 20 tons chasses

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These facilities have same hopper (loading window) that would be changed proportion to the chassis of the length of that cabin.

Similar facilities of loading window and subsequently, easier services and maintenance

Least weight for facilities and sufficient strength and stability

Suitable design proportion to urban furniture with suitable painting

Capability to discharge various carts in 600 to 1200 Ltr capacity

Capability of mounting the least facilities on the elevator mechanism if it is required to discharge 240 and 360 Ltr. Carts

Excellent maneuver speed with respect to the design suitable with the existing chasses

Observing standards 1889 related to mounting facilities on incomplete chasses

Technical specifications:

1- Volume of tank suitable to type and capacity of 14, 16 and 18 cubic meter chassis

2- Capacity of hopper basin, 1.3 cubic meters

3- Volume of hydraulic tank: 140 Ltr.

4- Thickness of floor sheet and wall: 4mm

5- Rail shovel in floor of tank and preventing damages to the walls of the tank (the shovel rail is fabric stud ways)

6- The walls of the tank have no columns

7- The movement of shovel inside the tank by using folding jack and sliding bearings (Teflon)

8-The distance between tank and hopper is completely sealed

9- The hydraulic system with blade pumps in two floors 21 to 7 gallons and 10- the part 21 of pump gallon is used for press, paddle and shovel, and the 7 gallon compartment is used for elevator mechanism.

12- The pressure of system function is 150 bars, the test pressure of hydraulic circuit, 250 bars, the pipes and hoses are high pressure

13- The hydraulic system functions by using manual stimulating valves.

14- The hydraulic circuit has pressure control valves, single side valves and safety system

15- The press power 20 tons, the oil tank equipped with filter, single stroke valve, and oil pour cap and thermometer gauge

16- The electrical system includes rotating valve, night operation valve, alarm lamps in suitable place, plate and plate light

17- The system as suitable pedals for workers, safety handles and arm below the hopper

18- The waste juice tank is suitable with the existing chassis and space

19- The garbage juice is built and mounted in 60 to 150 liter capacity

20- The garbage juice tank has an exit with single stroke valve, washing valve and the path for garbage juice entry.

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